Greetings, I’m Jerry Kittel, aka Medicine Tree Studios. For over 40 years, I've made my living as an artist/professional fine art photographer. I grew up in the beautiful and majestic western slope Rocky Mountains in Colorado spending a great deal of my time in the outdoors with nature. As beautiful as it is, I was always drawn to and was inspired by the beauty of the Southwest and moved here to Arizona with my family in 1991. Living here gives me quick access to explore and seek out the many different looks this unique area has to offer. Light and weather can dramatically change the look of a particular scene. The light, shadows and colors may last for only mere seconds, never to be seen that way again and those are the moments I live to snap the shutter. There is also an amazing history of earlier culture that remains in stone that I'm also very passionate about documenting, sometimes in unique ways as well as the later arrivals and the relics they left behind. With the historical images I take, I feel that is of vital importance in honor and respect, even if only through a captured image, to preserve the past. In living today, we are the result of the generations that have gone before us. Please feel free to explore my galleries for these and other images I've taken and I hope some of them might invoke a feeling in you as they did in me at the moment I clicked the shutter.

In addition to the landscape, Nature and historical photography, I also have a photography studio where I control the light, and specialize in glamour, portraits, beauty, conceptual shoots, head shots, art sculptures and other products. If you're interested in a studio session with me, please contact me via email; with Subject: Studio Session.

I was also employed for several years as a zoo photographer. I've had many images published, nationally and internationally, including magazines, some for covers, some selected for photography books and have also had some images used in movie posters, cd covers, etc. I have also been a member of Worlds Best Top Photographers.

Here on this site, you can purchase my personal work of photographic visions for your home or office or a gift........ I'm continuously building up my galleries with new images, some from archives and others from recent shoots, so please, if you like my work, follow me, favorite, or bookmark this site.

My photography can also be purchased at:

In addition to photography, I've been a woodworker and woodcarver for over 45 years, having my own fine woodworking shop for over 35 years. I create custom furniture, hand carved doors and do custom woodworking. Many of my pieces include wood, stone and bronze. Inquires can also be made through the same address used for my photography.