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Route 66

Guestbook for All Galleries
BEAUTIFUL!!! Just beautiful photography, what an amazing eye! I can tell there is MUCH LOVE in what you do & I can see the passion in your photos. Thank you for sharing and wishing the best to you and to you, be well.
The Homeless Comic(non-registered)
Hey, cool site you two. I'd say something funny here but I need to be paid first.
Cesare Cannavò(non-registered)
Hi Jerry, I Am Cesare Google+.
I wanted something more about you and your issues Beautiful pictures.
Gefall your website very much and your pictures are very particular.
You're a Nikon photographer, happy to learn with which lenses from Nikon Do you work or you may Uses Zeiss ZF-2?

Best Regards

Cesare Cannavò.
Mary Dobos(non-registered)
I just wanted to sign your guest book. I cant wait to see more of your art. It's absolutely beautiful!!
Bonnie Brownell(non-registered)
What a beautiful website. You can tell all the love that goes into this. May you know prosperity and many blessings to come! Love, Bonnie
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